Introduction To Chlamydia Home Testing

When it comes to the prevention of STIs and HIV, always use latex condoms during the entire duration of intercourse (vaginal, anal and oral). Use a latex barrier, such as Dental Dam during oral intercourse and limit the number of sexual partners. The condom is, therefore, the only barrier that prevents the exchange of germs between partners.

It is also advisable to warn your partner if you are diagnosed with Chlamydia so that the risk of infection can be reduced. It is also necessary to make sure that the partners have carried out a check in the last 6 months and are not infected.

If you suspect you are suffering from Chlamydia, contact your doctor as soon as possible or conduct a Chlamydia Home Test. The pathology is curable through antibiotic treatment and in a short time, but if you neglect it can cause important consequences, both in men and women, such as contagion to sexual partners, ectopic pregnancies, pelvic inflammatory disease, male and female infertility.

The same applies to infection of the newborn in cases of pregnancy that can cause eye infections and pneumonia and premature birth. An unhealthy and balanced diet puts the immune system under strain, causing an imbalance of the bacterial flora and consequently benefiting the rooting and proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Chlamydia, which is the cause of the most common vaginal infections. To prevent intimate infections, a healthy and complete diet is essential to protect the intimate areas from attack by pathogens. To do this, experts recommend a diet rich in the following:

– Dairy products: the lactose which turns into lactic acid, helps maintain the right degree of vaginal acidity by counteracting the onset of infections (the first factor of defense against vaginal infections is acid pH <4.5);
– Fibers: especially contained in fruits and vegetables, they restore the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora;
– Vitamins and minerals: in addition to combating the formation of free radicals, the main responsible for aging skin and the onset of inflammation, help to strengthen the immune system against infections.

To prevent vaginal infections, it is good to combine regular sport with proper nutrition. In sperm, urethral secretions, vaginal secretions, mucous membranes, skin, and blood, there may be several pathogens responsible for the contagion of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to Chlamydia, the most common venereal diseases include papillomavirus (HPV), HIV-Aids, genital herpes (HSV), syphilis, candida, gonorrhea, hepatitis B or C (HBV or HCV), trichomoniasis and crabs. A Chlamydia Home Test can help detect infection. Many of these diseases can be prevented through safe sex.

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