Month: July 2018

HeadlinesAgainstHumanity Commentary

At one point, the commentary at HeadlinesAgainstHumanity was a fabulous and hilarious look at click bait headlines. I’m not sure why they stopped doing it. As I looked at their compilations, I was in awe of them. It was nothing short of brilliant. It made click bait tolerable – at least on that site. Alas. They must have gotten bored.

But, for old time’s sake, I’ll create 2 pathetic headlines of my own for your reading pleasure. You tell me: Which headline is real?

Headline 1: All She Did Was Drag Her Plate Across The Pool. What Happened Next Blew My Mind.

Headline 2: The Daily Newspaper Showed Up On Her Doorstep. The Shocking News Would Change Her Life.

The answer? Headline #1 is the real one. And, just in case you were wondering, what “happened next” was that the plates created vortices in the water. Thanks to for clearing that up. (BTW, that post is a great read in itself!)