HeadlinesAgainstHumanity Commentary

At one point, the commentary at HeadlinesAgainstHumanity was a fabulous and hilarious look at click bait headlines. I’m not sure why they stopped doing it. As I looked at their compilations, I was in awe of them. It was nothing short of brilliant. It made click bait tolerable – at least on that site. Alas. They must have gotten bored.

But, for old time’s sake, I’ll create 2 pathetic headlines of my own for your reading pleasure. You tell me: Which headline is real?

Headline 1: All She Did Was Drag Her Plate Across The Pool. What Happened Next Blew My Mind.

Headline 2: The Daily Newspaper Showed Up On Her Doorstep. The Shocking News Would Change Her Life.

The answer? Headline #1 is the real one. And, just in case you were wondering, what “happened next” was that the plates created vortices in the water. Thanks to www.ranker.com/list/clickbait/jacob-shelton for clearing that up. (BTW, that post is a great read in itself!)